Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rock me like a Hurricane

Whoopwoo, high fives all around! I can't beleive anyone guessed the song title from yesterday's post, I thought A*teens were pretty much unexistent to anyone but me and my little brother who constantly rocked out to YTV's Big Fun Party mix. Ahh, good times....
And speaking of rocking, I'm going to be an extra in a movie this weekend and I'm supposed to dress like a "80's rocker". It's just a small film, my friend is acting in it and she asked if I wanted to be an extra this weekend. When she said the scene takes place in the 80's I was like "sweeeeet, I'm in!!" I never pass up an occasion to dress up (even on the weekend before exams...), it's just too dang fun! Basically I need an incredibly sweet outfit and y'all need to help me out! The director told me "80's rocker, or just anything 80's" so I'm thinkin the rocker look will be the most fun. The scene is in a recording studio so I assume the rock look will be more appropriate.
Here's some pictures I've gathered up in the last 5 minutes, as I'm actually babysitting right now so I really shouldn't be creating ellaborate graphics while the kids are burning a hole in livingroom carpet. Deal with it.
Feel free to give me some ideas that will be overthetop and ultra fun. Wish me luck, will let you all know how it went!

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