Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'd rather give you the world or we could share mine

This weekend I went on a mini-getaway to the states with my mom, aunt, and grandma for some good, old fashioned money spending! I'm talking about shopping, on Black Friday of course. For those of you who don't know, Black Friday is a huge shopping day in the U.S. that takes place the day after Thanksgiving and lasts the whole weekend. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October (when it SHOULD be!), so we left for for the 10 hour drive on Thursday morning and then started shopping when we got there at midnight! It's so strange how people were all shopping in the middle of the night... I like that it doesn't get that mental in Canada.
Some literature for the road, although I always pack too many things to read and I just ended up looking out the window the whole time, listening to Pink Friday.
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I actually didn't end up scoring any major deals. I think maybe only one thing I bought was on sale? At least I got to hit up H&M, albeit a very poorly stocked one with nothing very exciting. Here are some of the things I tried on.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic I ended up buying the maxi dress and the velvet mini-dress... although now I'm thinking I quite liked the jumpsuit? Oh well, too late now. While in the dressing room, I realized how much I love this leopard tights/Dad socks/creepers combo that I had on that day.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Oh yeah, that right there just turns me on.
We went out for dinner that night, and this is what I wore. Keeping the tights on, I just pulled on some panneled leggings and this asymmetrical top. The heels are pointy toed platforms that I bought there (on sale), which I almost didn't buy but I'm glad I did (or my mom did, rather... I was about to put them back and my mom's just like "well I'll just get them for you, that way I can wear them too", haha).
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With yet another maxi dress in the wardrobe, I've got to start getting creative with the things! I just noticed I've got a few maxi dress inspiration photos in the ol' fashion folder. Here's a few ideas I love for wearing a maxi:
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Left from Style East, right is Jazzabelle in a photo from I want you to know. A knotted t-shirt over the dress. So simple! Yet SO GOOD. I hope I look as amazing as these two when I try out this look.
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Left's source is unknown, right is from Drop Tokyo. I love the belted button-up shirt wth the maxi, it gives a little more shape to the sometimes overwhelming silhouette of a long dress. Plus, the girl just looks amazing. On the right, I just really think these two look wicked, non? The guy's look is giving me the idea to hike up the skirt on one side, revealing some leggings, trousers, or great shoes... wow I really am starting to sound like a horrible fashion advice column: "complete your look with a punchy scarf and piling on the bracelets!"... And on that note, I'm out!

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