Friday, December 31, 2010

She's not broken, she's just a baby

I thought I'd squeeze one for post before the end of the year, and it's a quicky... although I haven't got anything else to run off to do. It's Almost 7pm and I'm still NYE plan-less, and frankly I'm too tired after working all day to even give a hoot. I'm so down to just sit with a cappuccino (did I tell y'all I got an espresso machine for Christmas? SO much fun) and read my overdue library books untill I hit the pillow at 12:01.
On with the post! An outfit I wore the other day, in 3 parts:
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My sheer and velvet cutout Topshop top, layered over a black tee. I love this top but deciding what to layer it with is proving to be harder than I thought. Wore it once with just a bra underneath (teehee), but other attempts proved not as successful. Layered with the black t-shirt looks good enough, I like that you actually have to look closely to see that I'm actually wearing 2 shirts. It also kind of looks like a bodycon dress like this, come to think of it!
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Faded American Apparel African print leggings. Oldie but a goodie.
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Topped off with my really old Urban Outfitters moto jacket.
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Something that's not so old, these NEW Jeffrey Campbell "Mummy" wedges. Now, let me just say that I wouldn't consider myself a JC fan. Making your buisness by blatently ripping off other designers just doesn't sound like a very good buisness strategy imo. But I came across these on Solestruck's Cyber Monday sale and I liked them... a lot. Plus, as far as I can tell, they're not a direct copy of any shoes I've seen before (feel free to prove me wrong!). A second plus, they were %50 of the already reduced price of $99. So yeah, score.

Oh and remember that little claw-nail idea I had two posts back? I went through with it! Last night I bought some extra long dollar store nails, used cuticle scissors to cut the corners, then filed the ends to a perfect pointy shape. Then I glued them on my nails and finished it off with this perfect shade called "Lily" from Revlon's new Top Speed nail polish.
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I rocked them all day today, and guess what... so wierd looks or comments. I guess they're not as freaky as I make them out to be in my head, haha. Love them!
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