Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm at that slumber party sippin on that fizzy chrissy

umm, hi? HI! It's me! Yessss I'm still here, but this whole waiting a month between posts needs to stop I think. In my defense I've been working a lot, watching Misfits a lot, painting, searching things on eBay, checking then re-checking my Google Reader, trying to make hair appointments, discovering Harry Potter tumblrs, pretending to read books, and in general the holidays have been just been crushing me. Lucky for me I got my gift shopping ALL DONE today (probs a record for me) and now I am so ready to be on the receiving end... of gifts... did that make any sense?
OUTFITS! I completely forgot I took pictures of a few recent outfits, and now that I think about it I wish I took more cos some of my looks lately have been pretty good (trust me?). This one is to show you a crop top I bought in the states a few weeks back (or ONE post back, in terms of my horrible blogging agenda). It's just a basic black, cropped t-shirt, but what I love about it is that it's got this really cool texture... almost like cracked leather.
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Worn with high-waisted H&M jeans and leather cross necklace from a shop in Toronto (sup Isabel! If you're reading this, I wore my bloomers the other day and thought of you! We still need to take a picture of us wearing them together!!)
This next look is very Proenza Schouler pre-fall 2010, imo. Although I can't put a name to my stunned expression and strange camera claw-hand I'm donning in the photo...
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Deets: I love how the holey sweatshirt and buttoned up shirt just mesh heavenly together.
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Wearing a sweatshirt from Aritzia, shirtdress from Uniqlo, leggings from AA, and thrifted satchel-purse.

And lastly, my current nails! Leopard print in [whatithoughtwasbrown] pink, white, and black. I'm thinking of filing some fake nails into a more claw-like shape a la Gaga, in a really innocent colour like beige or lilac. Think I'll be able to pull it off?
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p.s. - I'm going to be re-opening my shop, Modernity, to sell off what's left of the stock... about half of what was originally in the shop. I'll be re-pricing everything as well (SALES!!), so come back and reward yourself with some endofchristmasshopping gifties!

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