Sunday, September 5, 2010

I know you're not a bluffer I'll take you to go see Usher

I'm trying to squeeze in a quick post here as I'm going to be out of London until Tuesday (popping over to Plymouth!) and then Wednesday I'm jetting off back to Canada! No offence to London/Londoners, but I'm really ready to get out of this place and snuggle back into Winnipeg... even if that means facing questionable weather and draining my bank account for a last minute flight and excess baggage fees, AS LONG AS I'LL BE HOME ALIVE I DON'T CARE.
So on Saturday, with a little last minute coach booking, I spent the day in Birmingham to hang out with Selina of Flying Saucer one more time before I left England. We met at the coach station and popped into this big yellow vintage store across the street called Cow Vintage. I was quite pleasantly surprised by the selection and prices, but was planning on not buying anything as I'm pretty shopped out at this point, not to mention that I often use the "I can buy secondhand at Goodwill when I get home" excuse.
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We checked out a few shops in the main shopping area called the Bullring, including the required stop at Topshop. I loooooooove this jumper which is a clear knock-off of the interweb-famous Dries van Noten one I had in that collage I made a few weeks ago. Although I love the faded pink colour of this one, I'm not sure how well it settled against my "fair" skin. It also comes in a kind of wine, purple-ish, burgundy colour which I wasn't in love with either, so decided to pass on it. Sad, but I'm glad I'm learning how to exercise self-restraint.
Then again, if any of you want to encourage me to decide otherwise then I can always make a last minute Topshop run before I leave! Haha
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Oh and I also did a changeroom photo of my outfit for that day: H&M leopard body-con, DIY vest, vintage eBay-ed boots.
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I also kind of forgot that I took some outfit pictures a few days ago. I call this my "All-American Trash" look, with denim on (acid wash) denim and trashy tank. This was actually one of my favourite t-shirts from a Bloc Party concert I went to last year. It's a men's XL and the sleeves were getting so stretched out and sweat-stained I decided to cut them off. You can't really tell from the pictures but the arm holes are HUGE so this is defo a bra flashing/side-boob kind of tank.
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Look at my white nails! My gel nails were getting really grown out and started lifting so I had to go to a salon to get them taken off. I was all excited, hoping that when they came off they'd reveal some lovely, long, strong nails that I could try all kinds of new nail art with. What I got was some stubs that are so weak and flimsy that this nail polish has cracks in it from bendy nails. Not cool. Now I have to basically wait untill my nails grow out completely until I can try anything too exciting.
Since I'm home Wednesday night, I'll for sure be able to post before or on this weekend. Talk to you soon from across the pond!

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