Thursday, November 12, 2009

There's a picture in my wallet, I dare not speak her name

This whole week I've been dressing like I'm still living in the 90's. You should have seen me on Tuesday, I looked straight out of My So-Called Life, with just a touch of Full House. Nice.
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And apparently I feel the need to pose like Jessica Rabbit nowadays?? Just trying to keep things interesting, kids.
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Good gosh, do these not look like the feet of a 5 year old? I'm not over ruffly socks though... how old is too old to wear pink lacey ruffle socks with saddle shoes? Nevaaar, hahaha!

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It's going to be a library weekend for me, so buckle up for some fun times and some study-tastic outfits! To be honest, sometimes my library outfits are better than my walking-around-campus-goingtoclass outfits. Not sure why, as almost all my classes are in the same building so dressing for the trek across the frozen tundra that is Winnipeg winter won't be an issue for me this year. Yay, impracticle outfits all around!
For the winter I think I will make in my personal goal to fit into this category of awesomeness:

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Preferably the chick on the far left. Holla to ma gurls!

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