Thursday, November 5, 2009


It seems that the ol' blogosphere has really slowed down lately. My google reader is getting pretty dusty, and my comments have been quite bare in the last little while. I guess everyone's pretty busy with school/work/friends, but lucky for all of you, I push aside school work/don't have a job/rarely make plans with friends so I can blog! Yeeey, more posts from me!
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Black and white FTW! I know don't have to tell you where this shirt is from, but for all you under-rock-dwellers, it's Tavi's Borders and Frontiers t-shirt. 'Tis amazing. It's incredible how much I fiend over graphic oversized t-shirts. I love finding new and crazy things to wear, but I will always have space in my heart for some oversized tees and leggings and/or tight black jeans. I dunno, maybe I just like to dress like a boy most of the time...
You're probably all wondering WHEN you're going to see my Halloween pictures! Yes??
I don't have any.
Sorry to dissapoint, but I gave up on finishing my costume (was going to be the epic/fabulous/GemSweaterGoddess, my idol Leslie Hall) and trying to find somewhere descent to go on Halloween so I just ended up handing out candy at a friends house, playing Sing-Star with a 3 person party, then watching a horrible Friday the 13th remake at another friend's place. PARTY ANIMAL GUYZ!!!
Wearing this lovely guy on my ear was the closest thing I got to a costume

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He's awesome, non? I got him from an All-Saints store in London's Gatwick airport. I mean, couldn't resist, it's a freaking skeleton wearing a top hat!! How charming is that? I wear him on my right ear with a diamond stud in the other, to avoid looking too much like your 5th grade teacher... you know what I'm talking about, the one who has a different pair of earings for every occasion... like an un-cool Miss Frizzle.
Oh yeah, just wanna say that this is sooooooo how I'm doing my hair tommorow! Let's hear it for Cotton, working the coolest and easiest 'lil hairdo on Never Mind the Buzzcocks a few weeks back (sooooo obsessed with watching this show online, I die of laughter EVERY episode). Seriously, I think I need to make a Fearne Cotton appreciation post, which would include this video which makes me laugh every time (oldie but a goodie). She is too rad for words.

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Check. Out. COTTON!

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