Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick...

Just a few quick updates today. I got two of my recent eBay orders in today, one of them being those amazing boots a blogged about earlier, and another being these MINDBLOWING sunglasses. They're part steampunk, part 90's cybergoth, and one HUGE part Gaga. They'll suit me well cos I've a wierd nose just like hers. Big nosed people, unite and be proud!!

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So hot, no?

And just when you thought they didn't get any better... BAM! They freakin' flip up and become Harry Potter specs! Too good, guys. Too good

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Hopefully I'll have a better post for the weekend, but in the meantime I guess you guys should know that I CAVED and made a twitter account. I used to just assume twitter was a fad and would be over and old news in a few months, and agreed with my Shakespeare prof when he most eliquently stated "I am not a twit, therefor I do not tweet". But now since it looks like its here to stay... why not:

Nice and Shiny on Twitter
"Follow" me... I guess? ... Or not.... please?

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