Monday, October 19, 2009


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Another day, another evening stressing over what needs to be done. Another evening of blogging INSTEAD of working on what need to be done. Do you see my predicament, people?? I JUST WANNA HAVE BARBIE FUN TIMEZ AND PLAY DRESS-UP OKAY?! Being an "adult" really sucks a lot of the time. I'm only 20, but I can imagine that it all gets even worse. At least the bright side is... Urrm. I can't think of one. Any suggestions?

Kind of ironic I've started up this rant on the day I've dressed most like a grown up all semester. This combo should be boring, but I can't help but kinda like it. The marching band pants just set me off, I love them too much.

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A friend of mine bought me these shades at a garage sale. They are FABOO (in the words of my high school cheer coach), no? Ya gots ta wear deez BBs low an da nose, make it looka like u up ta trouble. You know how I do.
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I received one of many recent eBay orders today, so my Halloween costume is slowly coming together. It's going to AWESOME, at least in my own mind it will be. Let's just say it involves a unitard and a jumbo sized Bumpit. Oh yes. I went there.


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