Thursday, October 15, 2009

Show me love

Yesterday I cut up some old tights (a mid calf length pair, ew!) and slipped them on as knee pads. Wootwoot, lets go rollerskating!
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My mom actually said that I should be in Whip It with this geddup. That made me really happy. No lies. The clothes in that movie made me tingle with joy... and so did Landon Pigg. Uhh, YUM!

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Unintentionally did a Marc bun, which I love too too much. Actually, the whole collection I loved too much. I loved the theme of "ballerinas off duty", and the white faces and delicate makup reminded me of beautiful porcelein dolls. Oh my, I have such an urge to gather up my dollies and have a tea party right now!

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Do you think that neck ruffleage could hide a double chin? Hmmm, may need to consider it... Right after this:

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I needs me some naked lady prints! And a weave to integrate into a side braid. Gahhh, I love.

This is why I don't do runway coverage. My response to most shows usually consist of a series of grunts, gasps, and sighs, sprinkled with plenty of "I NEED ME ONE OF THEM!"s. The English language at its highest, peeps.
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