Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Covah Yr Junk

Hey y'all, hows it poppin?

Don't really know what to post, so I just did a desktop cleanout and made this beeeeyoutifull collage. At least I think it's nice. Gahhhh, just looking at all this shiz makes me all tingly and happy. Not directly fash related, but these are my inspirations for life. LIFE I tell you. And sorry, can't trace my pic sources in this jumbled mess...

Oh wait, maybe I DO have something "fashun" related to post! Last friday I went to a Halloween social, dressed up as M.I.A. cos my "real" Halloween costume isn't ready yet. I just had to buy the hat and wig... wait, I don't have my hat on in this picture. Oh well, USE YOUR IMAGINATION YOU LAZY BUMS! JKz guys, I luv yaz.

Outfit was a mix of these M.I.A-licious looks:

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Blue hair is so me.
Bronze sparkle jacket - F&Q (local boutique), glasses - Home Depo (customized), Skeleton tee - Homemade Cassette Playa rip-off, tube dress - Topshop, Silver leggings - H&M, White Converse, Homemade necklace.
Not that crazy for me, since everything was from my closet. But hey, it was basically a free costume. Wootwoot!
I'm also helping a friend make a sushi costume. So cute, right? I gave her the idea and I planned it all out for her too... ok I'll admit it, I kinda forced her into it. Whatevs, she'll thank me later because it's going to be dope...
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