Monday, September 14, 2009

Twenty-two grand job in the city

On Friday night I completed not one, but TWO DIY projects. Friday night? Yes. That's what I do on weekends. I bust out the sewing machine and scissors, and just go mental.
I have literally had this idea in my head for about 6 months, always finding some excuse to not actually DO it. Once I had all the materials it took about 10 minutes to do. 6 months of planning coming down to less time it takes me to get my daily Arthur fix. Yup, that sounds like me.

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Did you hear? The disgusted look is sooooo in right now.

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What I should have been doing instead of backyard photoshoots.

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The clear plastic I used to make the pocket was in the remnants bin at Fabricland (buy 1, get 2 free! Wootwoot), the tank I got from Zellers menswear (C'mon, you didn't think I made that did you? My skillz are quite limited...), and the frames are from some old sunglasses that I popped the lenses out of. 10 dollah project, high fives! I know this tee isn't the most original thing eva, but I was just dying to make it.

And while I'm showing you my homemade creations, I might as well introduce you to my 5 kids.

I require them to dress in unison at all times. Kind of like The Sound of Music but more intergalactic. They're gorgeous, aren't they? You may be wondering who the father is. Oh, here's my husbee now!

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Madonna tee, a horse head mask, and ridiculouslycool-I'msojelousneedthoserightnow shades?
I love you.

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