Friday, July 3, 2009

Too much, too little, too late

Soooo, Thursday I did not 1, not 2, but 3 crazy amazing things! I swear, this country is really showing me some mad love, my luck has been off the charts lately! Here is a quick breakdown of the amazing andonlysomewhatfashionrelated things I did that holy day that was July 2nd.

Event number 1: I saw the movie I have been craving for about a year, and have already expressed mad love for: Cherrybomb.

The movie hasn't even been set for release yet, but I got to see an advanced screening for movie distributers and other people I don't care about... all I care about is Rupert Grint and how SUPERSEXYFINE he looked in this movie. Did I mention he's shirtless in about half the film? Yeah, it was sweet.

The movie itself was great, I mean it was seriously one of the most visually amazing films I've ever seen! The colours were so beautiful, very saturated and I feel made the whole film a lot more "hip" and such.... I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm trying to say the movie was pretty lookin'.
I did feel the movie lacked plot and didn't have enough dialogue. I didn't really feel close to the characters, nor did I feel the implied intensity of the love triangle, most likely because of the minimal dialogue between the 3 leads. Don't get me wrong though, I'd gladly see this movie again in heartbeat and I think that all of you would like it... even if you're not a rabid Rupert Grint fan like myself.

Oh yes, and when Rupert wore these in one scene, I died a little inside.

Redheads + Leopard print creepers = Pure love forever.

I saw Cherrybomb at the BFI southbank cinema, which is a freakin amazing place! It's a movie theatre, museum, restaurant, and bookstore all wrapped in one. Heaven I tell you, my new holy land.

Event number 2: Luella sample sale. Read: mad cheap Luella gear!

After the movie I wandered around the Thames river then walked to Oxford street for a bit and stopped in an internet cafe cos I didn't know what else to do. Did I mention I don't have internet in my flat anymore? I'm blogging from a McDonalds this very mo'...

Anyways, so I went into an internet cafe and started clicking through my blogroll, and read about the sample sale on Style Bubble. The sale was on New Bond street, just about 5 minute walk from where I was. Fate? I think so.

Bags where about 50, 75, and 100 pounds, not too bad at all. There were lots of trousers for just 25 pounds! But who knows if they would fit, so I didn't try my luck. T-shirts for 15 pounds, and most of the other tops no more than 50 each. It was pretty awesome.

I was too embarrased to ask if I could take pictures inside, but here's what the que looked like when I came out. When I got there there was no line, I just waltzed right in!

I ended up buying one top for 30 pounds. It's black and has big velvet polka dots, very CDG. I'll take a picture another time, like I said I'm in a McDonalds right now...

Event number 3: After all this excitement (and walking) I was quite tuckered out, but that night I had one tickets to a Fightstar concert so I had to keep going! Now, I'm not the biggest Fightstar fan. I only know about 3 songs. BUT I was/am/always will be a HUGE Busted fan. If you are all up in the BritPop scene like I am (and by all up in it, I mean madly obsessed...) you will know that Busted broke up in 2005 (sad face :( ) and Charlie went off the join another band called Fightstar.

Since the tickets were free I was in no rush to get there early, see the opening act, etc. In other words, I got there in time for the last 3 songs. HA! I'm not what you would call an early bird! I didn't mind though, as long as I got a glimpse of Charlie I would be happy. And I did! I wish I knew more songs cos the concert was really great... it's wierd but I only enjoy shows if I know at least half of the songs. I think I just like to sing along, ha!

So how's that for a random post? Admit it, you love my useless ramblings...

ps- I'm going to the Harry Potter premiere today (July 7th). I'm not sure what to do with myself, I might faint... or puke, from excitement. Cross your fingers that I will be alive tommorow!

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