Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack...

In Canada! That's right, I'm back home safe and sound. Back to the DIY days, stable internet connection, and digital cable. What more could anyone ask for?
Yes yes, London was fun and I did a lot of things that I would NEVER get to do in Winnipeg (hello concerts, sweet shopping, and movie premieres!), but I'm really a homebody and it's good to be back to all my comforts. Oh yeah, and seeing family and friends is good too I guess...
The worst part of coming home is unpacking, don't you agree? Especially when you did enough shopping as I did... I had to buy an extra bag to bring all my goodies home with me AND pay 45 pounds at the airport for my too-heavy luggage. Oops!


If you think that is a hot mess, you should see my room on a BAD day. This is just my London junk, my home-y junk is a whole other story.
And what better to ease the pain of unpacking, but to go ahead and buy more junk. A good thrift was in order for a proper homecoming, with my BBB (best blogging buddy) Andrew. You're a bad influence on my credit card, boy! You should know, I can't control myself.


Get ready for an awesome DIY coming up! Don't be a stranger, check back soooooon!

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