Sunday, July 12, 2009

Everybody knows

Heeeeey y'allz! I'm in Liverpool right now, got here 2 nights ago and I'm leaving already :( Liverpool is SUCH a cool city, I could actually see myself living here. The girls have such fly style, and the guys.... well, they're frikin hot!

Speaking of hot guys, did I mention I saw McFly last night?

Oh yes. That's the stuff.

Twas crazy fun times, although I was by myself. Danny was looking majorly sexy, I think it's his new haircut... and tight jeans. Yum.

During the day I just wandered around the city center and got lost several times. I had no clue what bus to take so I just hopped on the first one I saw and ended up going to eastjesusnowhere! I felt like that episode of Arthur when he falls asleep on the bus on the way to his swimming lessons, and wakes up downtown all lost and scared. Only I didn't get a free burger out of it like he did.

Unfortunatly I don't have a lot of pictures, because pictures with no people in them are just boring. Since I'm by myself, the only pictures I've got are from changeroom photoshoots. What what, Urban Outfitters!

I look strangely drugged out here... or very very tired. I was neither of these.

And incase you were wondering, I AM trying to channel Noel Fielding with them boots. I've got them in gold too....

Obsessive? Me? Never.

Sorry my posts have been so shallow lately, but I have the memory of a goldfish so providing a rich and detailed recolection of something I did a few days ago is just not happening. I can only remember when I see:

1) A hot guy.
2) An outfit that catches my eye.

3) Anything shiny.

I'm off today, back to jolly old London. After that I'm going to France for just 2 days (over my birthday too, July 14th. I'm expecting cyber birthday presents. K thnx). Maybe I'll have some good stuff to share after going to another country? Or maybe I'll just come back with a post about hot French boys and shiny objects I found on the street.

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