Friday, August 29, 2008

Time with my girl, I spend it well.

My overall Vancouver shopping experience was, well, quite short lived. I saw tons of cool stores I would have loved to visit while driving up and down downtown, but alas I only ended up with a few hours of decent shopping on the last day. I went to a few malls throughout the entire trip, but really, I don't consider that to be serious shopping. We spent a night in Whistler B.C., which is pretty much a snowboard/ski destination. It was little a little village full of shops and restaurants, but it's just my luck that all the stores were boarder gear and apparel. Lovely.

So for a lack of a more creative approach, here's the pictures of the junk I was able to acquire within my 6 day journey:

I bought this from a skateboard shop in a mall. I know I know, I can't beleive I found something I liked in that kind of store. I love the mint houndstooth pattern and the bubble hem. Plus it's a bit on the slouchy side to I get this cool, Japanese vibe from it.

These heels I found at Winners. Sorry for the blurry pic, but really they are sweet. I hope it's not a bad thing that my mom is in love with them...

This dress is way cool, I just had to buy two! Just kidding. It was on mad sale at H&M so I just got two instead of spending 30 seconds to decide which colour I liked better.

Heck yes!! Y'all know I love the snakeskin! Found this bad boy at Winners. What can I say it was love at first sight. I realized after that it will be super practical too as it can fit about 4 binders and a laptop inside!

I've wanted some plain white converse for a loooong time, so I scooped these up right away. They're actually a different style than classic chucks, a bit more like boxing boots. Sweetness!

Another Winners find. I have a tank top pretty much exactly like this as well, but all white. This dress has a little shimmer to it so it's got an interesting texture. It's also got this nice long zipper all the way up the back.

This lovely is from H&M. It's like a fancy crop top, perfect for layering with dresses. So pretty :)

And now, for my pride and joy. My favourite find of all..

Whoaaaa. Amazing right? LOVES IT! Teired, jersey fabric, layered, attractive pricetag, what's not to love? I found it mixed in with the boring buisness type junk at H&M. Boy am I happy I didn't just skip that entire section.

It reminds me of Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2007, with the neaural colours, yet funky Japanese look and feel. Anyone? No? Okay just me then.
And that's the lot of them!
Hope you enjoyed the show, come back soon!
But before you go, check me out rocking the new kicks:

Yes, yes, I do know I'm hot.
p.s.- If you didn't see the new icon on the sidebar yet, check it out! Yeah, there on the bottom. It's to add Nice&Shiny to your favourites list. C'mon, you know you want to...

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