Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now the world can know my waist size!

Okay, so I know y'all love the DIY's so here's a quick one satisfy your craft cravings!
Remember when I couldn't get enough of that amazing Jeremy Scott measuring tape print? Well I made the belt I had suggested, which was really a no-brainer and ridiculously easy. Anyone can do it!
All you need is a small plastic clasp from a fabric or craft store, I got mine for $1.50, and an old or new measuring tape that's wide enough to fill the slit in the clasp.
Put one end of the tape through the side of the clasp with a single slit. I sewed mine to make it stay in place, but you could also just glue gun it on the back side.
Then cut the tape to your waist size, leaving about 5 extra inches to that you can adjust it later. Now slide the tape on the other end of the clasp so that it stays in place and doesn't slip out!
I actually put my tape on the clasp going from back to front, so that the extra tape can be hidden by the belt!

Done! That was easy wasn't it? Love it!

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