Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teenagers from mars

I feel like I've had a lot of free time lately, but of course I haven't really done anything creative or productive because those kinds of things require effort. I haven't even been taking proper outfit pictures, BUT I have been taking advantage of the camera on my new iPhone so I thought I'd share with you guys a few recent looks...
I wore this a few weeks ago already, but I'm still really feeling it. Thrifted Miami tank, what I call my "PTA meeting trousers", and these chunky wooden sandals I got on sale at Aldo. I wear them with everything, I seriously can't stop.
See, I really do wear these sandals with everything! I love them with black tights, which are manditory when wearing these shorty short jean shorts (thrifted). Also wearing this crop top thrifted at a VV half off sale. I bought it aaaages ago but only now am I ready to wear it in it's full, midriff baring glory. Also wearing a thrifted flannel shirt. ALSO I just really loved my hair that day so I thought I'd get a close up... I think the green hair actually looks sweet with a side part, no?
And finally, I wore this yesterday to bum around and then go buy some frozen lasagne. Speaking of food, has everyone seen my food blog?? I just realized I've only ever mentioned it on twitter I think... but I digress! The outfit consists of my fav thrifted goth boots, black leggings from Winners, tshirt from UO, vintage Burton buffalo check jacket (my brother's friend left it at our house and I claimed it), and this cutey little backpack I thrifted for $3 a few days ago.

Maybe I'll try to do some sewing or something remotely productive for the rest of the day... all this spare time is actually boring as hell.

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