Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I met a girl in East LA

So the other day I had this brilliant idea to go thrifting in a nearby town. I mean, the more obscure the shop's location the wierder and more wonderfull the finds, right? But due to some bad planning on my part, the shop was closed on the day that we went (what kind of store is closed on a Monday anyways??)! I was pretty dissapointed at first, but hey I got a few outfit shots out of it in the end.
The floral shorts were thrifted from the wierd secondhand store I talked about a few posts back, which I really like but, I'm not sure, they look awkward with this outfit.. maybe I should have rolled them up more like bloomers? Decisions, Decisions!
I was debating on whether to even post these photos at all, as the shorts are really throwing me off. I was going for bit of Proenza Schouler Summer '10 with the surfer vibes and green hair, clashing with oversized black polo buttoned up all the way and the chunky Aldo heels to girlify it a bit. I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANY MORE, working out outfits in retrospect is hard! I decided to post it anyways cos I want to just share more with you guys, even if it's not "my best work" or something amazingly creative, I'd rather this blog be more like a journal but from an artistic perspective. Ya dig?
Ok, off to watch Empire Records and Chasing Amy. Late 90's movie night y'all! Peace

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