Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's been a long time but now I'm back in town

OH HI harpersbazaargaga Gagaloo in Harpers Bazaar, graphic made by me

So I'm done school for now, and have a few weeks before summer classes start! I'm really excited for this summer because the last two I spent travelling, and I'm actually looking forward to have a REAL summer with my friends doing summery things (how many times can I use the word summer in one sentance, apparently that's my goal to find out). I've got a long list of things I want to do, like keep a garden in my backyard, try out a million new recipes, and maybe do a few photoshoots. Obviously, summer plans wouldn't be complete without a MASSIVE list of DIYs, ammirite?? Image1 All unknown sources (sorry!) except for the one in the middle, from Kristabel's blog

You didn't think my love of black just ends with warmer weather did you? I am dedicated to my dark side, and it looks like I'm craving a lot of drapey and interesting details for some future projects. I want to made a lattered t-shirt body con dress, kind of like the one in the top left corner, sheer skirts with interesting hemlines, lace-up details, drapey poncho-type shirts, grey jersey pencil skirt with lots of room for scrunching, and maybe even a mexican rug jacket to look stylish in any outdoorsy activities (camping?). Can't wait to get started, let the summer of domesticity COMMENCE!

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