Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Put me in a coma, woke up in the future

What I wore the other day. Really, if I had my own functioning camera outfit posts would not be such a sporatic occasion. Enjoy it while you can.
Loving up my homemade knitted chain scarf....
Confusing people with the panelled leggings. Many people gravitated towards these today, I'm not sure why but it seemed hard for them to get their heads around...

Trying out the new measure tape belt....
Measure tape belt?
Aaarg, I caved! I bought the cheapo belt on Girl Props out of uncontrollable desire. In my defence, the original reason for the order was to get my friend some robot jewely for her birthday and I just happened to tack it on at the end.
...Along with a few other things.
I know, I'm so naughty.

I got this sweet ring, although I found out afterwards they also had "BAM" and "POW" rings. I could have gotten them to match my shoes! Also got some HE-UGE doorknockers similar to these, I think I just like anything tacky and obnoxious.
I've still got a pile of "to-do" clothes for DIY, repair, customizing and what have you. So be expecting some more crafty posts soon. My spring break is only a week and a half away so PERHAPS I will tackle some of the pile then. Spring break already? Classes only re-started a month ago... though I'm not complaining! Bring on the Break!

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