Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want fabulous, that is my simple request

Quoting HSM lyrics, oh yeah, I went there.
I've been looking around for a new bathing suit lately seeing as summer is coming up soon. No, it's not really soon. I think I'm just fooling myself into beleiving it is. School, be done already! Usually by the time I find a suit I like, summer's half way over. Oh yeah, I'm getting a head start this year.
I really want to find the perfect retro swimsuit

Errrm, okay not that retro.

I'm thinking a cute little pin-up number, something in the 40's or 50's style. I love rockabilly swimwear, it's so adorable and I like that it's not too skimpy. Really, do I need a tiny swimsuit after a whole winter of sitting inside? The answer is no.

I think I could pull off a two-piece, but I want one with high waisted bottoms. All the better to disguise the tum-tum...

1) Stepanka - Etsy
2) Baby Girl Boutique
3) My Baby Jo
4) Baby Girl Boutique

A onesie would be ideal, I love the cut of these:

1) Delias
2) My Baby Jo
3) BettieB - Etsy
4) Baby Girl Boutique
5) Delias

A printed onesie would be cute, although this would probably be the only time I would go for polka-dots

1) Delias
2) My Baby Jo
3) Baby Girl Boutique
4) Fables by Barrie - Etsy
5) Miss Braches - Etsy
6) Pin-up Girl Clothing

A trend that I'll never be over: Nautical. I love these cute little sailor swimsuits. I want them all!

1) Stepanka - Etsy

2) Pin-up Girl Clothing

3) Stepanka - Etsy

4) Fables by Barrie - Etsy

Who knew swimsuit shopping could be so fun?! Definately less agonizing when you're not actually trying them on. Thank God for the internet!

(Picture 1 from here)

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