Sunday, July 13, 2008

Batman Returns

I'm sure by now almost all of you have noticed the rising popularity of the superhero references in fashion. There has been at least one editorial in almost every magazine including hero/heroine inspired looks and pieces. Another unmistakable piece of evidence of this trend was the "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" theme at the Costume gala in New York this year.

Personally, I've always had a thing for Batman. He's definitely my fave superhero, I can't count how many times I've watched Batman Forever when I was younger (though now my favorite seems to be Batman Returns). I squeezed myself into my brother's old batman costume for Halloween a few years back and since then I've had an increasing urge to wear more shiny black spandex...

Yes, all of this has a point... A very crafty point! I wanted to do something with these cheap shoes I bought about a year ago, as they had this icky fake wood effect on the wedge. I loved the top patent part of the shoes so I thought the best bet would be to just try to cover up the wedge section.

I'm not exactly sure how I got this idea, I'm pretty sure I was just drifting off to sleep when it struck me (where all my best thinking occurs!). I was thinking about those cheesy sound effect words that always poped up in the old Batman T.V. show. Man, those are the good times. You know what I mean? Every time somebody got punched or kicked, a "Boom" or "Kapow" would flash across the screen?

So I decided that a sound-effect would look pretty cool on the back of my ugly wedges. I painted the wedge section of the shoes with acrylic white paint, about 4 coats. Then I made 2 graphics on my handy dandy Jasc Photoshop and printed them out. I used Modge Podge to stick them on, then finished it off with some clear spray paint.

I think they look pretty rockin and at least I'll actually wear those shoes now (I literally wore them one time before). Now the next time I'm going beat someone up or save the day, it will have the full superhero effect!

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