Sunday, May 4, 2008

2 Days in Paris

I just finished watching 2 Days In Paris, a movie I've been dying to see for months now.
Basically, a couple stops in Paris for (you guessed it) 2 days on the way back from a trip to Venice. The woman, Marion (played by Julie Delpy - who also directed and wrote the movie) lived in Paris her whole life but now lives in New York with her boyfriend Jack (Adam Goldberg). During they're visit to the city, Jack meets several of Marion's past lovers and boyfriends as well as discovering some of her dirty little secrets.
The movie was really enjoyable, mostly because of the great script and witty arguments between Marion and Jack. There wasn't a whole lot of fashion inspiration (considering it took place in Paris), but I couldn't help but fall in love with Marion's thick black glasses which she had to wear because she lost her contacts!

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