Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Pulled a Rumi... Twice!

Last week I bought shoes at Aldo that I had seen on Fashion Toast. I really liked them a lot but the purchase was spur of the moment as the store was closing and I was desperate to use up my gift card. The shoes I'm referring to are the black patent Velcro heels below:

Anyways, when I got home and walked around a bit in them I decided that they weren't for me. I went over to and found another pair that I'd seen... guess where.... yes, again on Rumi! Well, at the risk of being a copy-cat I bought these amazing curved heeled shoes online that very evening and returned the other ones the next day. I got my new ones in the mail yesterday and I'm very glad I made the switch, I love them ten times more and I'm sure I'll get more wear out of them because of their sturdy heel.

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