Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fake Jeans

Unlike Susie, I have no problem wearing or finding jeans. I wear them all the time, yet lately I've been backing away from them. There's only a limited amount of styles and combinations for jeans, unless that's just me being very unimaginative, so trying more skirts/dresses/tights combos definitely opens a lot of doors for outfit opportunities.
For those who are slowly backing away from their denim staples, I give you FAKE jeans. I've been seeing these leggings and tights with printed on seams and pockets to make them look like skin-tight jeans.
I saw these leggings on Nasty Gal Vintage and it was love at first sight. But seeing is just about as far as I can go with these because they're tiny and would never fit me!

I also found these on MyTights while browsing today, also very nice (with a slightly hefty price tag).

Usually I just make anything that I can't get my hands on, but this one might be a bit difficult. This might work if you try stitching fake seams and pockets on some leggings with a few strands of embroidery thread with a large needle. You could even stitch on a little button for the fly!

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