Sunday, May 15, 2011

There's a fire starting in my heart

Ooooops, apparently I've completely forgotten about this here blog! 3 weeks no post, really not cool. I've added an archive button on my sidebar, so if this kind of thing happens again then feel free to browse through some old posts (they're really good! haha)
Aaaanyways, I've just realized that this past weekend I've been all about the MOM JEANS.
Isabel has already expressed her love of this forgotten fashion statement (statement, trend, horrible mistake, WHATEVS) and I've also been a fan for a while. Remember this washed out black pair I was going to turn into shorts? I've recently rediscovered them in a big way. What I love about them is that they're super high rise so I can wear crop tops with them this summer without any tum on display. Double win!
Three different Mom jean outfits from the past few days:
Out with Andrew, checking out a crazy thrift store I've never been to before. So cheap, and got some good stuff I'll show in time! I felt really tomboy-ish in this outfit, but the lace bodysuit I wore under the crop top did girlify it a bit. I wore my white creepers for the first time in a loooong time, I think they look cool without the laces no?
Top - thrifted and cut off by me, lace body - H&M, random necklaces, creepers - Demonia from
Wore this out for drinks that night. Basically too lazy to put a proper outfit together, so I went for my tried and trusted python print and some platform boots.
5 Top - secondhand off eBay, boots - Aldo
6 I wore this today after spending half the day in bed, catching up on Degrassi (I'm SO behind). Then there was a bit of a family dinner so I had to throw something on. Glad I made an effort... not.
1 Cardi - unknown, Hawaiian crop top - Topshop.
I've already got my next post planned, so I PROMISE I'll see you soon!

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