Saturday, March 14, 2009

Without love, life is like the seasons with no summer

Working on essays means craving DIY in the process. Why is it that the ideas come a flowin when I've got other things that I'm supposed to be doing? I tried making a tank top today. From scratch. NOT as easy at it sounds. It turned out looking like something Hulk Hogan would wear in his down time. Now sure anyone's ready for that look just yet.
I shall try to salvage my poor tank top, buy in the mean time let us fill our dreams with the reminents of my DIY folder:


Button collar t-shirt, 2-piece dress, knit hand muff (even though spring is coming!), frothy multi-layered tent dress, checkered leggings, buttoned and collared mini dress, simple tank top with criss-cross straps, wrap-around drop crotch pants, sheer t-shirt with shoulder holes, ruffly stirrup socks.

These are SOME of the pictures I've accumulated over time, none of which I've actually tried out yet. Note that these ideas do not include the DIY folder on my own laptop, nor the laundry basket full of half-baked projects sitting in my room at the moment. Full-baked doesn't seem to be my thing.

Quick note: I'm cleaning up my links list this weekend. Leave a comment on this post if you want to me linked (within a week, please!)

(Sorry I have no sources for these pictures, they're just ones I've saved over time.)

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