Sunday, March 29, 2009

These are the days when you have to try

I've always admired anyone who can pull off an awsome hat. No, not a beanie or a toque or anything quite so glamourous. I'm talking about crazy fly headgear a la Isabella Blow. Now SHE knew how to work a hat.
I love hats but I feel like I'm not one who can work them into my outfits. If I try wearing one I feel like it draws a lot more attention than I'd like. I try to balance an outfit, not just so one piece pulls all the attention. This spring/summer I'm going to make a real effort to bring the hat back... full force!
For the past few years I've been obsessed with those little military caps that you see in old WWII pictures and waiters at 50's diners, and don't forget Britney in the "Toxic" video! It took me a long time before I even thought to find out what they were called. 5 seconds on Wikipedia anwered my question. What a no brainer...

Anyways, I found out they were called forage caps, also known as garrison caps. I plugged it into eBay and found exactly what I was looking for: a lovely, green, authentic military forage cap. I bid right away and scored one for less that 10 bucks, with shipping!
The seller wrapped it in tissue paper with a little sticker, how precious! I wanted to cry it was so adorable.
I'm so pumped to try it out. I love the old pictures of women with short curly hair and the cap placed perfectly over their part. I just got a lot of layers in my hair so maybe it'll actaully hold a curl now. I think I'll put badges and pins on mine, the eBay seller even gave me a real U.S. army button with the hat!
My next hat hunt will be a black boater. Ever since I saw JLo's Just Sweet runway show I've been DYING for a black sequined boater hat. Of course anything that rad is not actually on sale on the Just Sweet website... the only cool thing in your collection Jenny and you decide to not sell it?! Girrrrl, not hot!

(Images from here, here, here. JustSweet images from here)

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