Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's all the glory that I bare

Sooo my nail art kick is back with full force after I fiiiinally received my package of nail art bits and bobs off eBay (thanks Canada Post, luv ya too!). I bought some teeny tiny beads and some half pearls, but most imporantly a pack of 500 fake nails for like 5 bucks including shipping! They're blank because I like to create my own designs, and with 500 nails who knows what kind of crazy shiz I'll come up with. They came in 10 different sizes all labelled by numbers. I found which sizes fit best for each finger and marked the little baggies so I know my size for all the future nail designs to come (seriously guys, I'm so pumped the ideas are makin my head spin)!!
IMG_3172 I knew before I bought these that I'd have to find a way to keep them in place while I paint them and stuff, so I brainstormed and ended up using double sided tape on a box... primative, yet very functional (doubles as a nail art supplies box too)!

IMG_3174 I'm starting out with a simple 2D design, but don't worry the crazy will come! Started with a grey base...
IMG_3176 Then did nude coloured half moons. I cut and filed them in a claw shape before painting the tips black, and that's it!
IMG_3186 Part of me wants to start bookmarking some nail art tumblrs, but really I always prefer to think up ideas for myself overwise I just feel like I'm copying... yet on the other hand, I'm also really lazy so any extra effort can and will be avoided.
Anyways, do you guys wanna see my new shoes (wow, smooth transition)?? I bought them from the small town thift store I mentioned a few posts back, and HOLY CRAP my heart stopped when I saw them. They are basically me, in shoe form:
Crushed velvet, clunky heel, black, stretchy ankle boot. They are the new centerpeice for my chunky black boot shrine (not literally, I don't have one... or do I? ...No I don't. Guys, I'm really tired).

Ohhhhh and one more thing: I'M A BLONDE
IMG_3193_2 Hahaha look at me all decieving, making you think this post was about nails and shoes. No way dudes, it's about something waaaay more deep and thought-provoking. I mean, look at my hair!!1~*$*(!@~

Lol, look at me I'm awesome at posing. So yeah, I got this done as a dontputitoffanylongerjustdoitalready Birthday gift to myself (mine was on the 14th, I'm 22 now babes). Not much else to say but I love it I love it I was born to be blonde, and I love it.

Like I said, I'm tired, so I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.

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