Friday, November 19, 2010

No regrets, just love

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Well looky here, an outfit post? What do you know, I'm not dead after all.
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Haven't got much to say, other than to show you what I wore to go to the midnight show of Harry Potter last night. A few friends had started lining up at 7:30, then the rest of us got there at around 8 so there was a wee bit of a wait. Everyone was sitting on the floor at first, but then they made us stand up, packed against eachother like sardines for the last 2 hours of waiting.... so that was fun! I love strangers breathing down my neck! Some guy near us in line randomly started doing magic tricks, which was cute but also slightly awkward in the squishy-ness of it all. I spent a week convincing my friends that dressing up was a GOOD IDEA, then once we all agreed on costumes one girl texted me on Tuesdays saying she wasn't feeling it anymore. There will be no avoiding it next year though: last movie means the last chance to let all the nerdiness out of our systems!
Quick outfit recap: H&M leopard print dress, vintage flannel from a shop in Camden, Andrew's thrifted creeepers, and my NEW thrifted jean jacket that I found in the kid's section at Goodwill. I was pretty happy I found it, I think it's the perfect length and is just begging to be customized. Might need to add a part II to my ongoing denim customization project... which, unsurprisingly, hasn't really gone anywhere since that post.
Oh, and incase you're wondering what I thought of Deathly Hallows: I loved it! Don't want to go into specifics for those who haven't seen it, (which will be most of you. It hasn't even been out for 24 hours yet!) but it followed so close to the book that none of you diehards will be dissapointed. Oh, and Rupert kicked ass in the acting department... Weasley is our King!!

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