Saturday, August 20, 2011

You always had the blondest hair

UGH I'm kind of realizing how crappy my blog is right now. I'm not seeking sympathy, seriously I feel like I've not been getting any good material for you guys lately! I guess it mostly has to do with my real-life style slump that I'm going through, with I'm praying will pass in due time. So yeah, just saying I'm fully aware of my current suckiness!

I've got a few iPhone outfit pictures from the last few weeks, it's just way easier to take a few quick mirror snaps than to set up my tripod and make sure my room is clean enough to take pictures in (the real challenge). I think I'd like to start taking daily outfit pictures, even the ones that are less than exciting, just because I think it's way interesting to get a sense of what a person wears from day-to-day rather than just what they get dressed up in to post about... if you get what I mean.

Here's another outfit with my new favourite jeans I've already posted about: the crazy long flares! I still love them so much, and I just really liked how they looked with this t-shirt that I cut the sleeves off of. Speaking of this t-shirt, I bought it at an Alexisonfire concert in high school and wore it the other day as a mini-tribute to the band which officially disbanded recently. It's really sad but I guess all good things come to an end, and I've still got some good mosh pit memories from all their amazing shows (seen them about 4 times, I think?).


Jeans from Topshop, concert tee, thrifted bag, and Aldo chunky sandals

And can we talk about this bag?? I thrifted it a few weeks ago for like 4 dollars and I love it. Weirdly I find it goes with just about everything, and it's the perfect size to fit everything in yet not to big for it to get all jumbled up with stuff. Such a good find.


This outfit is what I wore to go to the 18th birthday party of some girl I don't know. My friend and I were out of town visiting her brother who had this party to go to, and rather than just sit around at his place we tagged along. Scouring my closet for a dress for this thing was not as easy as I thought, I HAVE NO "NICE CLOTHES"!! Good excuse to go party dress shopping, I think...


Thrifted grey lace dress, blazer from idk, random jewelry and clutch.

Now I wore this outfit today, but warning I'm not wearing makeup in these pictures! Scary. Dress I thrifted the other day, pretty cute in a high school kid from 1992 kind of way. But what I love about this outfit are my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa rocking horse shoes! I bought them months ago but I don't think I've blogged about them yet. They're the ones with the wings attached to the ankles, but I took them off because I wore them with jeans the day before and I don't think the wings look good with pants. Anyways, love these shoes and even though they're a strictly summer kind of shoe I'll probably try to get away with wearing them in the fall with socks. Rubber and woolly socks. I love it.


And before I forget, my current nails are a set of falsies in robin's egg blue (in my signature oval shape).


That's all for now, but I PROMISE this blog-slowness won't last forever. Bear with me, it's summer after all!

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